Monday, 22 October 2012

Okada Riders Protest Lagos state Government Ban on Commercial Motorcyclists

Commercial cyclists popularly known as okada on Monday marched through some major streets in Lagos, protesting the state government’s fresh clampdown and seizure of their bikes.

The protests were spread across the metropolis. Reports said the cyclists grounded vehicular movement in some parts of Lagos and attacked government-owned Bus Rapid Transit buses.

Many residents were forced to trek long distances on foot, as a result of the protests. The state government renewed its clampdown on the okada riders on Thursday, seizing many bikes.

Recently, the state government destroyed over 3,000 bikes, a move that was criticized in some quarters as a high-handed response to the challenge posed by the riders.

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Anonymous said...

I trust lagosians, people will still patronise them....the new Government have to be strict about their ban if not we will start recording avoidable deaths caused by their overspeeding. read an article about it on and you can also read nice articles and write-ups on