Tuesday, 23 October 2012

PHCN Staff Electrocuted In Ekiti

The Body of Issac dangling from the Electrical pole
There was pandemonium along Satellite/NTA road in  Ado Ekiti, as a staff of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Mr Samuel Job Isaac was electrocuted.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when Mr. Isaac had climbed a pole to detect a fault when one of the high tension wires suddenly disconnected and touched his back electrocuting him in the process.

He was said to have died suddenly.

The power surge was said to have been burnt as a result of the intensity of the electrical shock.

The charred body of the late Mr. Isaac has been deposited at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Mortuary for autopsy.

Mr. Job was an Electrical/Electronics Engineering  graduate  of Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke,  was said to have  died, having received a deadly shock from 33Kva high tension  wire that  suddenly disconnected and touched his back while detecting electrical fault on the pole.

When the incident occurred, many residents of the area were said to have trooped out to catch a glimpse of the victim’s body which hung on the high tension pole.

The PHCN’s Public Relations Officer of PHCN Ekiti State District , Mr Kayode Brown, said the victim was working on the pole to detect some faults on the high tension that had led to power outage in the area.

He explained that Isaac had the experience to handle sensitive electrical work saying that he was employed over three years ago.

According to Mr. Brown, Mr. Isaac must have died of a situation he described as ‘back-feeding ’ on the high tension, which he noted is a very uncommon phenomenon in  power.

The PHCN spokesman was at a loss to why the incident happened since “a professional was stationed at the control room as these professionals were deployed to work on high and low tension electrical poles in the area to prevent any back-feeding.”

“We have to get to root of this matter because cases of back-feeding is very rare while working on high tension  and nobody uses generator that could warrant such situation , so we are at  loss about the cause of his death,” Mr. Brown said.

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