Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian go X-rated PDA on the streets of Miami

Scott was spotted grabbing Kourtney's bottom as the pair embraced in the street.

Squeezing her really really hard..... on the rear. And if you look closely, you would see where Scot's middle finger wonders into and Kourtney enjoying every bit of the feelings opened her legs wider for Scot to get into the "Promise land"...hehehehe. Just follow the sequence of the photo. This is kinda X-rated isn't it? View the picture closely after the cut

Ouch! Scott grabbed Kourtney's behind rather ferociously
                                                                   Hold Something....hollit!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey duche bag, get a room

Anonymous said...

this is love in little tokyo abi na Miami...mtshweeeee. nice one kzel

Anonymous said...

Why is she holding down her shorts. If she is ok doing it in Public, then she shldn't exposin some of her behind...ode

Anonymous said...

Next story please