Monday, 1 October 2012

Nigerian Men Are Bombarding Me With Marriage Offers" -Hong Kong billionaire’s daughter

Gigi Chao, the daughter of Hong Kong billionaire says she has been bombarded with numerous message proposals including nude photos from as far as Nigeria after her father made a public offer of $65 million dollars to whoever is able to woo her daughter. 9ja no dey carry last jorrrr.

The offer was made when Gigi Chao entered a civil partnership with her girlfriend of seven years in a ceremony in Paris five months ago. It has sparked a deluge of offers, Ms Chao 33, speaking on Thursday, said that she had received about 200 proposals and the number of people following her on facebook, twitter and youtube had increased by 1500 since her father's announcement.

"People are contacting me facebook, on twitter, by email. It's ridiculous. I can't sort out the genuine proposal from from the half-heart ones. I can't make head or tail," 

she told The Daily Telegraph

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