Friday, 19 October 2012

Girl Caught Stealing At A Mall In Lagos Stripped Naked


The lady, who was accused of stealing a phone, was shamefully assaulted in the video clip, which has gone viral on the internet.

The incident took place at an upscale shopping mall in Lagos.

The mob descended on the lady, stripped her naked and beat her to a pulp.

This happened amidst cheers and jeers from onlookers who were busy videoing the detestable act.

Despite efforts to ward off the several blows rained on her, she had objects inserted into her private part by the mob.

At a point, a man successfully inserted a torchlight into her private part, while others held her legs apart to make the bestial act easy. 

Viewer's Discretion is advised...

All efforts by the helpless lady, who was weeping profusely and pleading, to cover her nakedness with both hands, failed, as the mob tugged at various parts of her body.

Now am officially going *arggggghhhhhhhhhh* Who are these men, the same set of people that will go about at night stealing, snatching and terrorising Nigerians. These so called higher animals will be the first set of people to lynch their frustration on others. Taking the laws into your own hands is becoming a norm in Nigeria. This needs to stop and to think that someone was busy videoing her private part. These people are just.....goa**   

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