Sunday, 19 August 2012

Goldie tenders Apologies to Fans

Adebnimpe Suzan Harvey a.k.a Goldie one of the evicted Housemates in the just concluded BBA Star game show tendered an unreserved apology to her fans home and abroad for the role she played in the show.

 “I want to tell Nigerians that I am so sorry. I am human just like everyone. I am an extremely emotional person. Everybody has two sides.

What we entertainers represent on stage is different from who we are off stage.

And I didn’t go into the Big Brother StarGame with any strategy. I went in there as an individual and just to be my real self. And that’s
what Africa saw. I didn’t go into that house as Goldie, the performer; I was in there as Susan. Fortunately, my teeming fans got to see the
human side of me and not the woman they see on stage,”

“I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am brought up to be loyal and be truthful to everyone. I am not the type that plot or play schism. So, when I.K. showed me the nomination last Sunday, the discovery was shocking and my knees went weak. Every other guy had like 8, 6 and 5
nominations, but I had just two. And I was the one to leave. I felt betrayed when I discovered one of the persons that nominated me for

“Nigerians are loving, caring and religious people. We have high moral standards. And all these qualities I tried to exhibit while in the Big
Brother house,”

“You had about 50 cameras to watch you but I had only two eyes and two ears and I believed in what I saw. But when I heard everything he had said, I was sad, but I realise that he went into the house to play a game. I have learnt my lesson and I am stronger for it,”
she said.

its about time.......

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