Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Slained Robber Visited by Her Girlfriend

He left his girlfriend to rob neighbours but could notmake it back home, as irate youths mobbed him to death before police could have him rescued.

This was how an armed robber operating on a motorcycle lost his life at the weekend in Warri, Delta State.

His girlfriend, who was seen at the scene crying uncontrollably, said he left the house yesterday morning unknowing to her that he was into robbery in the neighbourhood.

Residents had thronged the scene to catch a glimpse of the robber, and the lady too wanted to catch a glimpse. But on reaching there, she found out that the young man was her lover.

She broke into tear on sighting the mutilated corpse and when she was asked why she was wailing over a suspected ‘armed robber’, she said “he was my boyfriend”.

It was learnt that the armed robber and another member of his gang operating on motorcycle had robbed an unsuspecting neighbour near Enerhen junction of money meant to pay his workers.

They were fleeing with the unspecified sum when neighbours started shouting “thief, thief”, prompting a hot chase during which the girl’s lover was caught at the Okoro Street, but not after he had shot four persons in a desperate bid to escape.

The other suspect, however, ran faster and was able to escape the mob.
The lover boy, according to source, in a bid to escape was shooting sporadically into the air to scare his pursuers.

The fired shots however hit four persons who were later hospitalized.

A source said; “But his trailers were undeterred in spite of the fact that four persons were hit by the stray bullet fired by the desperate robber”.

“Apparently, the determination of residents of the area who were bent on catching the robber dead or alive paid off when he (the armed bandit) attempted to shoot a man putting on boxers and singlet”.

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