Thursday, 27 September 2012

Real Names of Celebrities

Mark Sinclair Vincent got his name when he was a bouncer at New York City's Tunnel nightclub. Vin came from Vincent, and "Diesel" because his friends said he had nonstop energy.
Jamie Foxx started his comedic career as Eric Marlon Bishop. But, he quickly realized female comedians were often picked over men to perform, so he changed his first name to Jamie. As for his new surname, it's a tribute to comedian Redd Foxx.

MC Hammer was born Stanley Kirk Burrell in Oakland, Calif. He got the name "Hammer" from Reggie Jackson when he was a batboy for the Oakland A's. The MC came from being Master of Ceremonies at various clubs while on the road with the A's.
Growing up, Meg Ryan was known as Peggy Hyra. But when she began acting, she started using her maternal grandmother's last name and adopted Meg instead of Peggy.

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