Thursday, 27 September 2012

Caught in The ACT... Married Woman Having Sex With Tenant

A cheating married woman in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, had sex with her tenant in the bathroom on Sunday while her husband watched television in the lounge.
When she took a long time to return from the bathroom the husband followed her to the bathroom and rumbled her. The incident which has become a subject of discussion took place at around 9 p.m. when the woman who has been identified only as Mai Shield was found having a good time with a man identified as Chingwa in the bathroom.

According to one resident, who only identified himself as Sam, the woman was watching television in the company of her husband, only identified as Mr. Tafi or Baba Shield. He said while the two were enjoying watching television, Mai Shield allegedly received a message on her phone after which she told her husband that she wanted to take a bath as she was feeling hot.

"Mai Shield received an sms on her phone after which she left for the bathroom on the pretext that she was going to bath. The truth of the matter is that Chingwa, whose philandering with the married woman is suspected to be spanning many years, had sneaked into the bathroom and sent an sms calling her lover," said Sam.

When the two met in the bathroom, the woman locked the door and started making love. However, all hell broke loose when the woman's husband knocked on the bathroom door to find out if Mai Shield was still bathing.

When Mr. Tafi knocked at the door the love birds were having a time of their lives that Mai Shield could not respond to the knock. However, when Mr. Tafi, whose suspicion had mounted, threatened to break the door the woman said she had just finished bathing and would open the door. But Mr. Tafi forced to open the door and he found Chingwa, zipping his trousers while Mai Shield stood motionless.

A scuffle ensued between Chingwa and Mr. Tafi, but eventually Chingwa managed to break free from the enraged man's grip and escaped. Chingwa is said to be a tenant at one of the man's houses and also Mr Tafi's friend.

"The woman has a knack of sleeping with her tenants, last year she was caught making love to a man who works at one of the local funeral assurance companies in Masvingo. We thought she has stopped but it shows she will never," said the neighbour.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a land lord like this....

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