Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mother-In-Laws Fight,breaks couple Marriage

There was drama when two mothers-in-law engaged in a fight in which one of them lost a finger.
Mrs. Uche Ugbalaka told an Agege Customary Court that her mother-in-law chopped off her mother’s finger when her mother wanted to make peace.

She said her husband, Everest Ugbalaka, having realised the consequence of his mother’s action, ran away with his mother.

She said her husband later came back with the police and arrested her mother, who was detained for four days.

She said since then, her parents had not forgiven Everest despite the fact that he had always pledged his love for her.

She, however, claimed that what informed her decision to institute a divorce case against him was that Everest did not realise the gravity of his mother’s inhumanity to her mother.

She, therefore, said she would not want to have anything to do with Everest again and urged the court to separate them.

Everest denied the allegation and informed the court that he loves his wife so much to the extent that he gave her N600,000 to start a trade.

He said she used the money for other purposes, adding that he bought her a generator to make her comfortable.

He stated that his wife abandoned him and their two little children, and relocated to a girls’ hostel.

Everest said that he did not enjoy any bit of the marriage, because his wife had been moving in and out of their matrimonial home and all the efforts he had made to make peace with her had been abortive as she always rained curses on his mother. Having listened to both parties the president of the court, Mr. Emmaunel Shokunle, adjourned the case.

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