Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Exxonmobil sacked workers set for fresh tug of war

Nigerian service contract staff of Exxonmobil who were sacked six years ago have hit the streets in a protest against the oil company’s refusal to settle their terminal benefits after several pleas and promises.

The oil workers, numbering more than 1000, marched in Eket, one of the catchment local government areas of Mobil in Akwa Ibom State, warning that they would no longer tolerate further delay in the release of their entitlements.

“Mobil, pay us our entitlements; don’t punish us in our land”, one of the placards read.

Others read, “Federal Government, please intervene, Mobil is pushing us into violence”; “Mobil, delay is dangerous; pay us our entitlement”; and “Mobil, respect Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA); our families are suffering.”  Please Mobil pay them, you have more than enpugh

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