Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Home set on fire by 10 year old


Maka but why now........A 10-year-old boy set fire to an apartment Thursday night after his request to use another child’s bicycle was refused, police said. The suspect was not identified because of his age.
Police said he intentionally set fire to the front door of an apartment at 7450 35th St N. in the same complex where he lives.

“When the child victim refused to allow the suspect to use the bicycle, the juvenile suspect acquired a plastic gas container, poured the contents of the container on the front door and the welcome mat to the victim's apartment, knocked on the door, and ignited the flammable liquid,” police said.  “The victims observed the fire on the door through the door's viewing port at which time they were able to call for help and escape the apartment.”
Police say the suspect was located in the complex and admitted to the arson under questioning.
“The Fire Inspector also deployed an accelerant detection canine who confirmed the presence of flammable liquid on the juvenile suspect's person,” police said.
The juvenile victim and his mother were the only two inside the apartment during the fire.  They were not injured.

Damage was confined to the door

Tampa Bay News 

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